These three runes represent a powerful talisman for good luck in any life’s areas. It’s especially helpful in relationships, whether romantic or familial.

Kenaz (K) means torch. This rune represents the elimination of darkness and brings forth the illumination of energy and creativity. This is a sign that you are in harmony with the universe and that you are making progress and development on something that was once holding you back. It manifests character and personality by boosting acceptance. Guidance of this rune has intense potential that could allow you to open your mind to new possibilities and assist you in progressing further. Wearing this talisman invites self-acceptance and adds strength to your personality. It can also manifest creativity, inspiration, and empowers other talismans.

Jera (J) means harvest. Its energy brings satisfaction after seeing the results from all your investments, be it physically or emotionally. This rune is a reminder that it is time to take stock and express gratitude for what you do have. It prompts us to remember that goals and intentions take time. Wearing this talisman invites patience, confidence in one’s approach, and guidance towards success. 

Othala (O) means inheritance. It symbolizes our assets whether it is spiritual or material such as family, home property, and traditions. It offers aid in spiritual and physical journeys. Source of safety and tranquility. Wearing this talisman strengthens family, partnerships, and mental health.

Materials: 925 Sterling silver, sterling silver chain for the chain option, and genuine leather cord for the leather option.

Necklace length: 18 Inches

Pendant diameter: 5/8 Inches

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