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Gebo Choker

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An everyday sterling silver choker with a simple, elegant design. The minimalist style of this rune choker allows you to match it with any style and could be layered with other jewelry. It is meant to be for all ages which makes it a perfect present for your beloved ones.

Gebo means gift, and it invites harmony, joy, and generosity. The gift can manifest both in the sense of sacrifice and of generosity, which indicates balance.

Tiwaz Berkano Gebo Charm Bracelet

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Tiwaz (T) means creator, and it invites strength of purpose, willpower, and conflict resolution. Berkano means beloved, and it invites romance, healing, and protection. Gebo means gift, and it invites harmony, joy, and generosity. 

This amazing charm bracelet is made of sterling silver wire with three coin charms that have a smooth surface. Engraved on the coins are the runic letters Tiwaz, Berkano, and Gebo. This is a combination of runes will help those, who feel, that their relationship needs a new turn or level. Whether you or someone you love are nordic fans, or you are just a fan of meaningful jewelry, mystic jewelry, or Viking jewelry, yet you are interested in a modern, everyday design, you came to the right place. This is the perfect gift for Valentine's day!