Ansuz (A) means God. it invites divine power, luck, and inspiration. It develops insight and communication skills. It represents authority and guidance, wisdom and experience. Ansuz also conveys the influence of the arts and all that comes from inspiration. There is the fulfillment of creative ideas, endeavors, or solutions. Wearing this talisman invites aid, growth, solutions, success, and creativity.

Wunjo (W) means joy. It represents triumph and joy, security, safety, celebration, and belonging. It can also indicate prosperity and spiritual rewards. It symbolizes a period of good fortune, happiness, and positive feelings. Wearing this talisman invites good vibes or frequencies, prosperity, and positive outcomes.

Material: 925 Sterling silver

Clasp: Lobster

Charm diameter: 1/2 Inches

Bracelet Size: Adjustable up to 7 Inches

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